Anybody here got a leftover Naim 555PS regulator after upgrade to DR version?

It also can be XPS/XPS2 board loitering the cupboard.  I'm not going to ask on Naim forum cuz they are likely to burn me on the stake for the offense. 



Have you looked into power supplies from Teddy Pardo Audio?  They are MUCH cheaper than Naim.  

I sort of worry about what to do when my 555PS DR gives out.  Unfortunately for me, Teddy Pardo does not have a direct replacement for that power supply, but they do offer alternatives for other Naim power supplies.  I have not heard them myself.

The problem is I have an unknown condition CDS3 and I need a mockup PSU to check if the player is worth the trouble. I think I can build something akin to Teddy but would need a simple solution first to check viability of the whole enterprise. getting a "door stop" regulator board with matched proven quality of simple 317/337 regulators is the easiest path. The alternative are Chinese boards with who knows what parts. A person whose opinion i kind of trust indicated that old stale PSU sounds better with CDS3 than DR version. XPS-XPS2  board would work too.