Anybody into 80s big music?

Big music=big guitars, big drums, anthemic songs, etc. Big Country, XTC, the Alarm, the Call, the Waterboys, Simple Minds, Cactus World News, and of course U2. Any others come mind?
If you want an amazing eighties album with superb production I can't recommend Shriekback's Big Night Music highly enough, especially the b-side. In fact mainly the b-side. I love that album and also use it as a test record when I get new tubes/equipment. They don't sound like their name would suggest, it's beautiful atmospheric but still thumping music. Miles better than Dead Can Dance, a band who's music I find pretentious. Check out “The Underwaterboys" online for a taste.

Sorry. The Call isn't my cup of tea. I have more to list like Dire Straits, Journey, Hall & Oats, Human League, Chaka Khan, Wham,'s just too many to put it all in.

80's music + beer + chicken wings + audio nerd friends = perfect weekend :^)
The Call had two massive singles with "I still believe" and "walls come down." They got it right twice, which is more than most. They just didn't have a definite, career begining Lp IMHO. Reconcile came close.
Phasecorrect-Having hit records and a definite debut album has nothing to do with "getting it right" from a musical perspective. Many bands have that "definite" 1st release then start on a spiraling decline, The Call did just the opposite The Call released 7 albums with the 5th recording "Into The Woods" being a creative peak for them.