Anyone attending RMAF 2013?

Hi All,
Just wanted to know if any of you Audiogon members are planning to attend RMAF 2013? I am planning to attend - I last attended RMAF back in 2007 & had a blast. It's time to repeat the experience.
This is RMAF's 10th anniversary so I felt that it might be worth attending (if nothing else then just for the fact that they have reached a milestone year of the show).
Do any of you fellow Apogee speaker owners know if the Apogee owners are meeting at RMAF (like they usually did in previous years?). I remember that they all used to congregate under the big stag in the lobby or something like that.
Thanks for your feedback all of you.
(I could not find a RMAF 2013 thread so I started one).
I'm providing official photo coverage for RMAF so I'll be there. Probably running more than visiting since there are so many rooms to photograph.
Not going unfortunately. Looking forward for your coverage @albert. Part time audiophile also makes detailed reports of the show.
Just FYI,I was at the show all 3 days & did not run into Albert Porter (I've run into you during the 2007 RMAF & had a fuzzy pix of what you look like so I would have know if you were at the same location as myself). I had a very good time -
spent a sometime talking Ralph Karsten about voltage &power paradigm in the Classic Audio Reproductions room,
chatted with Jeff Rowland himself,
had a few words with John Curl on Sat evening just before the Wilson Audio demo at the Hyatt,
chatted with Isarel Blume in his room,
chatted with John Stronczer in the Bel Canto room
Had a real fun conversation with both Paul McGowan & his son Scott in the PS Audio Room,
had a fun time meeting Nick Doshi again at RMAF,
It was always fun meeting up with Klaus in the Odyssey Room - he's such a fun chap to talk to!
Took lots of pix but I'm sure Albert's pix are -w-a-y- better than mine (where are they Albert??)

I did not meet any other fellow Audiogoner & I was on the lookout for them (maybe not hard enough?). :( Did you guys have a meeting place or were you guys all over the place & just happened to bump into each other randomly?
Took lots of pix but I'm sure Albert's pix are -w-a-y- better than mine (where are they Albert??)

I wish I was still doing that for Audiogon. Currently the nearly 900 photographs are in Denver and RMAF is preparing to launch them on their official website.

I also offered all of my images to associates at Positive Feedback but so far no requests.

I was in Ralph's room many times, it's a wonder we did not run across each other. I went to dinner nearly every night with Tri (Triplanar), Ralph (Atma-Sphere), Jim and Kim (Purist) and John (Classic Audio).

I had breakfast one morning with Rick Schultz (High Fidelity Cables) and Mike Fremer. It was a good show and I enjoyed seeing everyone.

The last day I got photographs of Jean-Phillipe Fontaine from Focal France. I REALLY enjoyed speaking with him and John Bevier (Audio Plus). There is a chance they will come listen with me which would be wonderful.

Another highlight, my friend Bill Parrish (GTT Audio) displayed some amazing speakers from Grimm Audio. It's all digital (I know what you're thinking) but they were wonderful. I think the computer savvy generation is ready for this, everything hooks up with USB and such and run off a laptop. Tonal balance was superb and each speaker is individually EQ and normalized during production. The only negative is the $39K price tag but they don't require preamp, amps or cable and the sub woofers are built in.