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IMO the two best tracks to demo or test any system
Amused to death by Roger walters, and some modern stuff from Lindsey Stirling. 
Best rock bass player
+1 on Steve Harris. 
Anyone attending RMAF 2013?
Not going unfortunately. Looking forward for your coverage @albert. Part time audiophile also makes detailed reports of the show. 
Canjam Europe, anyone?
lol guys, Op is talking about the biggest event of headphone audiophiles held in Germany this year. 
Tried DSD?
I remember reading a few years ago that high bit rate PCM was superior to DSD (from an objective perspective). Dsd has nothing special for me, even with good equipment. 
Amplifier, less than 10 Watts, for PHY speakers
Build a ST-35 clone, or ask someone who is into DIY to build it for you. Lots of info about it. 
Tube Dealer Recommendation
Tubedepot, fast shipping and friendly guys. 
anyone heard Mitsubishi Da A 30 amp
I've limited experience with mitsu audio gear, you may try asking on audiokarma. There is a few guys who own the DA A30. 
Headphone amp for vinyl?
If you like classical, some recommended brands are AKG or Audio technica (woodies). It also depends if you like Solid state or tubes. 
Apple Lossless, AIFF or WAV for itunes?
Flac its a good option, open source. 
Software for Cataloging Vinyl Collection?
Catraxx is a nice solution, 
Best rock cover songs, list your favorites
Revolution by the Beatles, was a great cover by stone temple pilots. 
YouTube unlistenable
If using FF donwload the Adblock plus. 
If im not wrong this dac was at the Bristol show, and some fellas were auditioning it. The place was crowded, and i didnt go in there, heard comments about its versatility. 
Bel Canto Dac 1.5 or Benchmark Dac 1 Usb
That's a tough question mate. :\