Anyone compared Ack 1.2E with Audio Mirror

Can anyone compare there 2 dacs as far as sound goes? I have a Planet 2000 for transport, with full tube system, also a Tripath amp. Thanks for your time, Alan
I've compared the Ack! dAck! 2.0 versus the Audio Mirror D1 in my system, and I think Skyboy's second post in the link Dave pointed you towards sums it up well.

Briefly I think the Audio Mirror is a more dynamic, expansive and organically colored DAC compare to the Ack! which has a more neutral, laid back and even balanced presentation.
Thank you Sogood51 for turning me on to the link, lots of useful info there and on your other posts on the more recent AM Dac forum. Looks like i'll be purchasing an Audio Mirror Dac as soon as funds allow. I was originally considering building an Audio Note kit dac with mods,( i may still do that in the future but have too many DIY projects going at the moment), then after playing with some battery powered Tripath amps, i got thinking about assembling a complete system "off the grid"!, let em turn off the power, i'll still have sweet music and tubes/candles glowing in the dark! (Beware, danger lurks in the BU$HE$!), but that can wait, i hope!, It's the sound that matters most, not the power source, and it seems like the consenses is that the newer/better? Ack2 is close but i can't spend $900. right now, i'd rather spend $500. now for the AM and maybe mod it later on. And Gunbei, thanks for your helpful posts on Sogood51's link and on the other AM forum. Skyboys helpful and elaborite posts are a little confusing to me, i don't know if i prefer a clear spring sky, or snow melting winter sky, and also, that could be dependent on where you are standing on the Planet, and i'll have to look up Apollonian and Dionysian somewhere to see what they mean! Bottom line though is he has owned and has experience with the Ack 1.2 , 2.0, Nixon, and AM, and now has 2 AMs, guess he likes em.Gunbei, your descriptions/adjatives(?spelling) speak to me very clearly. Semper Gumby, always flexible! Thanks again guys, i'm kinda new to AG, but have met lots of nice folks so far, Audiogon is a cool space. Regards, Alan
Welcome aboard, Alan!

I had forgotten how flowery SkyBoy's post was, heheh, but some of his remarks helped me make a buying decision and were definitely realized when I heard the Ack! and Audio Mirror side by side in my room.

I'm currently in the middle of a transaction to sell my Ack! and I'm keeping the Audio Mirror. However, I don't think one is necessarily better than the other. The Audio Mirror just suits my taste more and works better with my system towards the sound I'm trying to shape. I like my music to sound like Sophia Loren looks, if you know what I mean. :°)

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