Anyone compared Sennheiser HD800 S with Beyerdynamic T1.1?


I’m looking for a new pair of headphones with a bigger soundstage than my Beyerdynamic T1.1. I’ve read so much good about the Sennheiser HD800 S so I had to try them out. But I wasn’t impressed as I thought I would be. Okay, the soundstage was broader, but not that deep. Sometimes this broad soundstage felt too much and a little messy. The sound of the strings on acoustic instruments had a more natural and cleaner attack, but the instrument sounded like they lacked body. Sounded thinner.
Anyone else who felt this about the HD800 S?

Sorry if my English got a little weird here and there. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say😀
...just wondering if it was plugged into a dedicated amp....personally I love the Senns
I have found nothing with a bigger soundstage than the HD800S. I also think they sound a little thin. They need heavy EQ to sound right IMO. 
Have you ever thought that what you want in a headset amounts to heavy colouration and not what the maker designed them for which is to provide a very clean uncoloured sound . I have a pair of 800s but have to say they don't open up until they have lots of hours on them. When I bought mine I nearly took them back to the dealer but he told me to play a disc on repeat for the equivalent of a couple of weeks and then listen. It was a completely different beast altogether , suddenly the brittle treble disappeared and the bass did get decidedly fuller. The thinness  that is being put around is probably because we are all used to listening to bloated bass anyway.
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The headphone amp is a Feliks Audio Elise (tube amp).

I don’t find it lacking bass or being brittle. The problem is that especially acoustic instrument sounds as being recorded with a microphone very near the strings so it missing out the body of the instrument.

I’m used to Beyerdynamic T1 which is not bloated.
That is just the way the hd800S sounds imo. They are over rated (I own them) The T1 is pretty good. 

I dont think you will find what you are looking for. Most people chase amps with the hd800s. They are not worth the trouble imo. I have not heard it but the HE1000 is said to have a large soundstage. 

Focals, ZMF, and audeze are worth a try if you just want something different but they will not have a large soundstage either. I find the focal elex and audeze lcd-x more enjoyable then the the hd800s but I would not tell you they are better.