Anyone compared Shunyata Aries vs. Cardas Gold Ref

I have the Aries IC and Lyra Speaker cabling and was considering trying the Cardas Golden Reference IC and speaker cabling. I am just wondering if anyone has compared these head to head? My system for reference is.....

VAC 70/70 III (Class A Triode Push Pull, 8 300B and 4 6SN7)
Cary 306/200 CD player (W/Volume Control Option)
Audio Physic Virgo III speakers (W/Walker HDL II)
BPT 3.5 Signature PLC
(2) Elrod EPS 3 Sig. PC on the VAC
(1) Elrod EPS 2 Sig. PC on the Cary
Shunyata Aries 1M IC from Cary to VAC
Shunyata Lyra speaker cables 8ft.

All components on Bright Star Audio Big Rocks and sit on Walker Brass Cone kits.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wow ,your system must sound pretty damm good already.
After a little time with Shunyata and about 6 months with the Golden Ref.,then settling on Golden Cross I found out this much.The Golden Cross was the most musical and didn't add a weird tonality to the sound.
However FWIW the best I have heard to date and am not about to change in the near future , the "Audience AU24" is the best bargin out there but again that is in my system and I know that some tube systems are kinda partial to the multistranded type wiring.Give the "Audience" a try if you can audition some.
I haven't compared them head to head but I have had both ICs in my system for evaluation. They sound quite a bit different from each other. The Aries is open and quick with neutral mids and bass while the Golden Ref is mellow and emphasises the midbass and bass. If your system is bright and lean, GR may be just the ticket. What are you trying to achieve?