Anyone drive Verity Audio Parsifal Encores with tubes?

I currently drive these speakers with an Ayre VX-5 twenty amplifier and while the low end is very good, I know it can be better.  Also looking to add more transparency and body to the soundstage and images.  My preamp is the very capable Ayre K-1xe.  Perhaps a more powerful solid state amp would also give me some of the aforementioned qualities so I'm open to recommendations there as well.  Just curious if tube amplifiers could drive these speakers well too.  Budget under $10K preferably.
When I had mine I drove them primarily with Luxman Class A which was nice, but I auditioned them with an ARC Ref 110 and they sounded great.  I didn't want to get into big tube amps at the time but if you go down that path you will be rewarded. Those 110's seem to be a good deal now but I don't know how they compare to the above mentioned.  Have fun!  
Ironically, I owned both VT-100 and VT-200 amps which were used to drive ProAc 3.8s I had at the time.  I moved away from big tube amps to avoid tube paranoia and the cost of replacing the power tubes.  Not to mention the heat output which made my listening room quite warm.  I'm in a completely different situation now and tubes would be fine so this is the reason why I am reconsidering them.  However, the Ayre is an excellent amp and requires zero maintenance.
I previously used Rogue M120'S and M150's then M180 and they all sounded great, I just had to down size to amps I could still lift.
Please keep us posted with regard to your adventure.  If I'd invested in plexiglass futures I'd set up a dedicated room Parsifal Anniversary driven with big tube amps.  Your mission is worthy. 
Good suggestions so far.  Verity Audio speakers are commonly driven by hefty solid state amps so I am pleasantly surprised by the tube amp recommendations.