Anyone else never get tired of Billie Holiday?

She’s my all time favorite vocalist.

Anyone have recommendations for specific recordings?

I prefer her older work and picked up this.
In terms of the artistry and raw power of the emotions she conveyed, there are few artists that compare to her.  On top of that, her voice was pretty unique. 

The only artist with a similar voice was Marilyn Moore.  Ms. Moore only recorded one album, but, it is something that can be found quite easily.  I believe it was called "Moody Marilyn Moore."
One of the rare other black woman voice that are  pulsating nuclear emotions from the heart is Marian Anderson...Listen to "deep river" for example and at least call that a tie with Billie Holiday... The differences is that Marian can signs Verdi Schubert Bach or a negro spiritual with the same amazing weigh...It is the only one I put higher than any other voice except a very few including all opera white woman singers...

For example compare Schubert ave maria with Marian and with Jessye Norman....My choice is immediate for the pure perfection and devotion, she wins....I dream of "strange" fruit" sing by Marian...Billie Holiday is also able to convey the pure wave from one heart to another...Ella Fitzgerald for sure also...And some very rare others... 
The first time I heard Billie Holiday was while watching 9 1/2 Weeks. Mickey Rourke put on an album with her singing Strange Fruit. I bought the Columbia set when it came out. Excellent collection. 
BTW, Moody Marilyn Moore is available on Tidal. I have it saved as a favorite.

I dig 'Songs for Distingué Lovers' the bestest. Dig also 'Body & Soul' also 'Music for Torching.'