Anyone Ever Listen To Home Theater Thru Headphones

If so, do you find it very satisfying?
If you mean a full out home theater with multiple speakers, amps, etc, all properly set up, why would one want to?

Personally I find it more than satisfactory to listen to a large flat screen TV using headphones, amp, remote control for the sound (audio output from TV). In fact it is a vast improvement over listening to TV thru its speakers which are usually pointed towards the rear wall from the back of the TV. With headphones the sound is so much cleaner/clearer especially the dialogue and some of the background sounds which you rarely hear with TV speakers.
I've got a set of Sennheiser HDR 160 wireless headphones that work very well. About $100.00 or so, and they sound pretty good. The wireless part is very nice for home theater use. It's also possible to use multiple headphone units (I think 4) with this system. It is not a substitute for, nor does it replicate the sound quality of, the full system, but it is a nice alternative when cranking up the full home theater is not possible (as when one's partner is trying to get some work done in the next room).
Kr4, the Smyth Research system looks impressive, but the $4k price tag is a deal killer for me.
Yes indeed, usually because of not wanting to disturb others in the house at the time. Even without that concern, a good sounding, comfortable set of cans give a great listening experience and sonically better than most TV speakers.
Yes, I often do late at night, My Denon 2805 has an unually good headphone output.

If you ever get your hands on a DVD which has the audio option of THX headphone (Extreme edition of Terminator II on DVD) you will be doubly stunned.

I just bought a pair of AKG 701 and the odd thing is with these ones, I can switch the sound field from cinima to music to whatever, could never do that with any other headphones. DOn't know why this is, but they sound amazing