Anyone familiar with the Joseph Audio Rm25xl?

Hi, I have a pair of Rm7sig ii monitors and enjoy the sound in my second system. I have heard the rm25's before, enjoyed them, and would be interested in getting the XL version. Yet I cannot find much information on this speaker and am wondering what differences I can expect compared to the non-xl speakers. Really appreciate your feedback.
I guess sarcasm has it's place. But when your trying to find out information about a speaker to make a purchase and you need feedback from others, it is just not helpful.
I heard the Rm25xl at the Stereophile show in 2007
on the Moscode 402P hybrid integrated amplifier.
This was one of the best sounds at the show.
The Rm25xl had a really nice articulate sound and the bass was really good.
The Moscode used a passive volume control in the hybrid integrated amplifier.
I remember asking the guy at Joseph Audio about the 7 inch drivers he used in the Rm25xl speakers.
I really liked the way these drivers sounded.
He was telling me they were modified Seas drivers.
The the Rm25xl have a much fuller sound then the RM7's.
Plus the bass is better on the RM25XL.
Here's a link about the Joseph Audio's RM25XL on the Moscode 402P hybrid integrated amplifier. Its at the bottom.
It used a Teas Esoteric DV 50 DVD CD player for the audio.
The Moscode 402P used a Placette Audio volume control for the volume.
Thank you Doug for the helpful info. My original posting may have been unclear. I am requesting info on the differences between the Rm25's and the xl version of the Rm25. I do know that it will be a fuller sound that the rx7's. thanks again.
I would read this review.
They go in detail the differences between the Joseph Audio RM25 and the Rm25xl.
Some of the stuff in the review.

The RM25XL Special Edition sits almost squarely in the middle of Joseph Audio's speaker lineup and, from an evolutionary perspective, represents the third incarnation of the RM25 model (the previous version, the RM25si Signature MkII was reviewed here at Positive Feedback Online by Chip Stern).

The changes to the Joseph Audio RM25XL are all internal and comprise updated drivers and crossovers. While the driver complement remains the same, the actual drivers themselves are all new. The tweeter, built to Joseph Audio's specifications by SEAS, is a 1" Sonatex dual-section dome, a design attribute that heretofore had only appeared in Joseph Audio's top three loudspeakers. With this improved tweeter, Joseph cites improvements in dispersion, which he claims translate into increased airiness and improved image focus. The 7" woofer and 7" mid-woofer that flank the tweeter are still both aluminum and built by SEAS to Joseph Audio's specifications, but differ from earlier versions in possessing 50% larger magnets and 50% larger voice coils, which Jeff Joseph says imbue them with outstanding dynamic capabilities. Indeed, Joseph refers to them as "super-duty" drive units.

In comparing the Joseph Audio RM25XL Special Edition to its predecessor, the RM25si Signature MkII, it was easy to hear the improvements that have gone into the current model. The RM25XL not only had greater extension at both frequency extremes, but resolution in the all-important midrange was subtly improved. Perhaps owing to its expanded dynamic envelope, the RM25XL was more effortless sounding at all volume levels. Lastly, I noticed a greater coherency, with the drive units more effectively speaking as an indistinguishable point-source.
Thanks again Doug for the review...very positive and informative. Still hoping to hear from others who have or have heard the Rm25xl
I also heard the RM25s and the RM33s at the Stereophile NY
shows several times in the early-mid 2000s and always was
very impressed and thought they were better and more
listenable and balanced and natural than the other similar
midsize floorstanders each time. They are definitely a
speaker I could live with long term, as they have no quirks
and are nice and musical.
(OTOH, I did not like the Pulsars, despite all the hype, as
the vocals were sort of undefined and opaque, even though
the bass was strong and extended.)
Joseph always displays with Cardas cables in the chain, and
I am guessing that with higher end cables they would even be
a lot better, as I have moved on from Cardas (which I do
like) and found much more refined sound (like from Stealth
and Synergistic Research, especially the higher end ones).