Anyone familiar with vinyl lined Acoustic Curtains?

Anyone familiar with this product? It was being discussed on a professional post production site I frequent.

Another benefit for me is that they are supposed to build the 2nd Ave subway here in NYC not far from my home/studio and it would provide isolation from outside noise.  I imagine the cost would be quite high though.
It looks good to me, to help with breaking up/absorbing sound within your space, and total light block. Not necessarily to block sound transmission from behind.

if a period of 2nd avenue construction, you could put a thick ugly layer of ... behind the fabric, that is designed to prevent transmission, then these as final interior layer.

A variation, perhaps not for your specific need, is using thick textured fabric vertical blinds. They can do a darn good job even partially tilted open, while preserving some daylight/view.

I designed office space, I had a trading room with a magnificent view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I had to solve both reflections in traders monitors, and acoustics. Their prior office was black horizontal blinds, closed all day long. Horrible.

Vertical blinds can be tightly closed, or tilted partially open. Adjusted as the sun moves, to keep a view and daylight as you move about the space, yet angled to absorb sound; block sound reflections, and block bright light and problematic reflections.

thick, textured, fabric. the weight means you need quality tracks.