Anyone had a Sony PS-2251 turntable

I am thinking about buying a Sony PS-2251 turntable. Has anyone here had one and have an opinion good or bad about them.
A friend had one and it sounded great in his system, which was all tubes. The 2251 is hard to find, that is one in fully operational and functional condition. Most 2215's have issues, so to get one that will sound good, you need to do a lot of searching. Do not buy one unless you can pick it up and have it demo'd.
I have the 2250 with the Sony tonearm, and it sounds great to me...It 2251 with a good arm will most likely be even better! I think I had mine for 2 years now, and trouble was an ebay purchase.
I bought the turntable yesterday I had to drive to pick it up. It seems to be in very good shape and sounds good but I haven't had a chance to compare it to any other yet. It seems to be very well built.

Thanks for the responses

I would like to hear from anyone else that has any experince with one. I have seen on some sights that some people think it deserves a better arm any thoughts on that? It has a Stock Sony PUA-113 arm on it that I have not been able to find any information on.
I have received one recently bought via this auction site. I will go on at length at some point, but for now: if you do buy one on line, please make sure the seller knows about the screws to secure the base, and the RED SCREWS underneath the platter are properly placed before it is shipped. Pack and secure the heavy platter separately. Very quiet table-I own one I bought in a thrift store 15 years ago. Arm was never quite right, though.
would this table and a share sme 3009 tonearm be a good buy in this day and age or is a person better off with a newer design that is in the 1000 range? 

Resurrecting this thread in hopes that I can gather additional information on how to ship a 2251 properly. Just won one at auction and want to make sure it arrives without any mishaps. Thanks in advance!

Same rules of shipping for any turntable:  Remove the platter if possible.  Remove the tonearm, if possible.  Make sure any transit screws sometimes used to immobilize a motor that might be spring-loaded, are tightened down.  Then use foam rubber, styrofoam peanuts, etc, and wrap tight.  Double-box if possible.

Great, thanks lewm, I had mistakenly gleaned that the 2251 needed extra measures outside of what you laid out. 


Appreciate the reply

I would not know whether there’s anything special about shipping a 2251. If I were you I’d download the owners manual from Vinyl Engine or some other reliable source, and read about unpacking, which is the reverse of shipping.

The 3 red screws secure the isolated hanging transformer to the under side structure once placed in their correct position.

Remove plater including the arm's rear weight and secure the arm to its at rest post  with a twist tie or elastic.

A side note, there were some version’s supplied with a multi voltage plug accessed near the transformer and  was Sony’s very first foray into DD table’s.