Anyone have a Luxman headphone amp?

How do you like it? What were you using before it? I have some Focal Stellia's and a 1/4" Black Dragon cable I am going to stick with. Currently using two very nice vintage pre amps and wanted to see if the sound would be any better off a dedicated headphone amp.


Chances are any decent headphone amp will significantly outperform the head amp included in almost any integrated. I’m using a Singxer SA-1 Class-A headphone amp, and at $599 I think you’ll find it to be a significant upgrade that your excellent headphones will surely reward you for trying. It beat the crap out of my AQ Dragonfly Red — as it certainly should — in every conceivable parameter with my Hifiman Arya Stealths and 400S. No going back, and I’d have to think the Luxman would be even much better still. My advice — definitely go for it!  Best of luck.

@audiomark1234  What are your reasons, system requirements, and goals, etc.? 

For example, is it important to keep the box count and cabling to a minimum? Etc. Etc.

Sharing your objectives will allow for better feedback and advice.

I was looking at the Luxman P-1U since I have some other Luxman separates. I don't need balanced outputs.

Was wondering if I would get more out of these headphones with a dedicated amp.

I have the Luxman P-750u and can't praise it enough. I use it for my Sennheiser HD800 phones which aren't the easiest to drive and to the luxman it is a breeze. It is super detailed and is a totally balanced design. You will get more out of any phone with this amp.

I also have the Luxman p-750u and I find it astonishing, to say the least.

I drove a pair of Stellias and now have the Hifiman HE 1000se.

I'm currently waiting on a pair of Susvara but don't think the Luxman, even with it's different sensitivity settings, will be enough.

Any other headphone would be fine on it.

@devilboy I’m currently running Arya Stealths and am quite happy, but for my next upgrade I was looking at the 1000se so just wondering what you think of them?  Since you’re moving up to the Susvara was there something unsatisfying about the 1000se or did you just get the audiophile upgrade itch?  Thanks for any thoughts!

@soix  I loved my Arya and I had the FIRST edition.

I found the 1000se to be much more resolving, with more detail and separation of instruments than the Arya 1.  

If I had to live with the 1000 SE I would be very happy but as you mentioned, I got the upgrade itch and decided to take the plunge on the almighty Susvara. Lol.


@devilboy Congrats on the Susvaras!  I’d be very interested in your thoughts on them versus the 1000se.  I read a review, I think at, that said the 1000se captured a lot of the Susvara’s performance, but obviously there are serious variables like amp power that make the comparo a little tough. 

@soix The Luxman will probably make the Susvara sounds lovely.

It will probably give me 90-95% of what the Susvara is capable of but I didn’t get the Susvara to hear only 95% of its capability.


I think I’m going to look into getting a Benchmark AHB2 and selling the Luxman... Which will break my heart cuz it’s an amazing amplifier.

Yeah, that’s no doubt a different sound profile.  Maybe u can find something closer to the Luxman?  I feel ur pain man.