Anyone have an opinion on the JL Gotham sub?

Specifically , has anyone heard it in a 2 channel set up or theatre setting. I stayed at the Alexis and San Tropez and didnt brave the convention center this year , where it was showing. Thanks .
Thats pretty good foie , is " but " where you would have me deliver the sub? I understand it is humongous.... er... the sub ... not you or your ... but ... so to say . hehehhe
Dear Brainwater: Awesome systems you own, both the 2 channel set up and the HT.

As you know JL Audio has an excellent reputation on the Car Audio subwoofers area. The Gotham is their top of the line HT sub design ( not for a true stereo set up ), I never herad it so I don't have any opinion about, you can directly contact with Carl Kennedy at: Phone: (954) 443-1100 .

Btw, I can " see " that the subs in your 2 channel set up are a passive one design. I wonder if you would thing in the integration, on a true stereo way, of active subs instead your passive ones?. The self-powered subs has many advantages over the passive ones, one of those advantages is that the sub amplifier is designed excatly to match with the characteristics of the drivers ( woofers ): damping factor, frecuency response, very low THD, output impedance, etc.... I think that no one universal amplifier can approach the " dedicated sub amplifier design " quality sound reproduction through the subwoofers.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Rauliruegas , thanks for the comments on the systems ! Appreciated! The passive subs called the Nearfield Pipedream depthcharge are an integral part of the speakers conceptual design with an external xover . Thanks again ! Brent
I've seen Gotham advertisements now (Stereophile, TAS) so presumably your pre-order of it will be filled shortly. Please let us know what you think of it when you receive it.

Hi Kevin , I am looking at the 15 K Velodyne at the moment but have not lost interest in the JL. It will be spring before I do something.