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Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???
I am a dealer for PP and received a PP 2000 plus 3 weeks ago . 
MBL and Wolfgang Meletzy
Thank you so very much Rich , I appreciate your taking a moment to say something positive . The intent of the tread was two fold : to celebrate a great designer and share my recent understanding of how important it is to make the most of your life... 
Calling Aerial 20T owners
Disclaimer :I an a dealer for both companies ... I run my 20 Ts to great success with the Conrad Johnson Lp 1P 140 monoblocs. I have heard the 20Ts with many ss amps and there are some wonderful combinations to be sure . That said , I wouldnt trad... 
The best CD Player for the money
Wadia 781i. No, its not an inexpensive player but after leaving APL HI Fi as Customer Service Manager and dealer , I was forced to audition many players to fill the void. I had heard mixed reports of the Wadia 581 and 861 . Some claimed it was the... 
ELROD IC cables, who has demoed them?
Hi John , You are correct , the success of Elrod pcs has been all word of mouth { well, that is everyone's but his } as he is as humble a man as I have ever met. This new cable line is something he has been working on for quite some time . His pat... 
ELROD IC cables, who has demoed them?
Disclaimer : I am a dealer for Elrod Power Systems . David Elrod has just completed a new line of Interconnects , speaker cables and power cords . PCs : There will be Signature and Statement versions of both the Silver as well as Gold series. IC... 
Does anybody have problem with Wadia 781iSE connec
I am not aware of a 781i SE . There is a 581i SE and the new 781i. Can you not contact the dealer you bought it from ? My understanding is that Wadia has ben off since Thursday for Thanksgiving . My 781i is dead silent . Try temporarily lifting gr... 
Looking For Someone That Machines Knobs
Thingamaknobs. Designer is a man named Scott and his work is fabulous . He uses many exotic woods and the quality is first rate . 
Connecting a subwoofer to a Joule LA-150
As a side note of possible interest . Jud Barber is releasing a new anniversary preamp dedicated to his late wife Marianne . I think it may be called the LA-300 Marianne Electra . Disclaimer : I am a Joule Electra dealer . 
resolution and imaging
Great thread . Is it about the music or its reproduction . Its both of course but oh how we obsess over the details. Its what motivates us and keeps us hooked on this fascinating hobby. Resolution is often what drives us as each incremental upgrad... 
Connecting a subwoofer to a Joule LA-150
Hi , the second set of outputs will work fine for a sub or pair of stereo subs . Bot sets of outputs are active . If its a single sub , you can use a Y splitter and sum the outputs . The Merlins and the Joule gear work great together , esp the OTL... 
Best things 'in life'
Band : BeatlesFood: Saute grade A Foie GrasConcert : Pink FloydSpeaker : MBLDog : Pug Drink : Sauterne Movie : 2001Actor : Charlton Heston Actress : Meryl StreepLiquor : single malt scotchDirector : Scorsese...IMO 
What other brands do mbl fans like
Oem, thank you very much! 
Silent Subwoofers ie: Buttkicker -your thoughts?
Steuspeed . Yes, you are correct , the D Box is a one of a kind product that delivers. I see prices have come down considerably from their astronomical levels so maybe its time to revisit them . Good tip. 
What other brands do mbl fans like
Take a listen to Duevel which also have a 360 radiation pattern and good cohesive balance . Impedance is 6 ohms and sensitivity 91 db for the Bella Luna Diamante at 12 k .