Anyone have experience with a Zesto Andros 1.2?

Currently have an Audible Illusions M3B with the John Curl phono stage. Like the sound a lot but I heard the Zesto Andros at RMAF and couldn’t stop going back to that room. It was a modest system with Fritz monitors and a mid line TT. But you could clearly hear the warm, beautiful sound of the Zesto. It was infectious. I can never forget that sound.

Why am I seeing this posting? You started a thread on 5/21/2020 with the same subject, and same statements. I don't get it.
Facetious or not, sometimes that is what you have to do if you really want to find out about a particular piece of gear.  Buy one. As regards this particular unit, apparently there are not many or not any users among us, because it doesn't take much stimulation for one of us to pipe up when he or she feels like an authority on the particular subject.  But even if you eventually get a lot of response, what difference should it make to you? In the end, it's your own decision.  If you buy a used one, chances are you would not lose money, should you end up disappointed in it.  I've done this a few times, which is why I own four full function preamplifiers.  I like them all, but I had no way to know that I would before I made the purchases.  By the way, I do have indirect experience with the Audible Illusions/John Curl.  My good buddy owned one for many years.  I was never blown away by it.  He eventually moved on to an Aesthetix Janus, which he liked much more.  That should tell you something.