Anyone have experience with IsoAcoustics under GoldenEar Triton One speakers?

I am wanting to get the best out of my new speakers. Basic question: Do (will) IsoAcoustics improve the sound of the Triton One speakers? I saw the video Paul from PS Audio posted from RMAF...impressive.  Any sharing of your experience is greatly appreciated!
I asked the same question over on the GE forum for my Triton Reference speakers.  One person has done it and claimed their was a difference, but not as much as the manufacturer would lead you to believe.  He said   that their is now a crack on  one of the T Refs plinth where one of the footers screws in.  Since I have everything dialed in the way I like, I am going to pass and save myself $740.00.  I would rather purchase more new vinyl and I am worried I could crack the plinth on my speakers.  I have had my Refs  almost a year and a half and they still look flawless.  I wear gloves when I dust them so as not to leave smudges on the piano black finish.
An alternative to the IsoAcoustics GAIA are the Seismic isolation products from Townshend Audio. Used individually (rather than on the Podiums or Speaker Bars also available) they may simply be placed under a speaker, no bolting or screwing necessary. The Seismic Platform also requires no screws or bolts.