mcintosh c42 vs c46 experience?

i will use my ma6500 as a power amp

any opinion about this 2 preamp?
I use a C46 and like it very much. It is very transparent with no harshness. I tried a passive preamp (a placette)
and it sounded kind of weak and strange and forced. The C46 is much more pleasant. It's just one of those components that's very easy to live with. Long ago, I actually had the big Levinson 32 2-boxer and sold it to get more shelf space.
Surprisingly, I don't hear much difference from the Mcintosh.
I had a C46 which i liked a lot. I thought the equalizer was nice to have in some situations. Understand tho, that in general McIntosh gear has a somewhat "smooth" sound, which some people like and some don't.
I have a C42 and think it's a wonderful preamp, but it is not the last word in transparency and detail. At its worst it masks subtle differences in recordings. For some that's a big problem. For others the rich tonality, flexible input/outputs, 8 band tone controls and multiple tape loops compensate for the slight sonic deficiencies.