Anyone have problems with McIntosh MCD205?

I've taken possession of 2 of these players in the last 4 weeks. I love the sound but have had problems with both players. The first had trouble reading my discs, the second simply ate them and refused to either play them or give them back to me. I'm hoping this is a statistical anomoly, but would be interested in hearing if others have had problems with this player.
Check with the service department at Audio Classics or even at the Mcintosh factory. AC will probably be a little more straight with you.They are experts in Mcintosh repair and refurbishing.
Had that same problem. McIntosh replaced the whole player, and have not had any problems since. Software problem I think.
I have had my McIntosh MCD205 for about 5 months and have no problems of any kind. McIntosh has an excellent warranty so please contact your retailer and have him get you another unit. cheers
My player did the same as yours docter doug. I sent it back to McIntosh just a few days ago. I have not heard whether they will fix or replace it but, there were no questions asked either way. Good service by Mac and my dealer.
I remember reading that there was a problem with the early software on this player and that it took a while to figure out what was wrong exactly. It has been corrected but there were no serial numbers given as to when the fixed ones started. Call McIntosh to find out if this is true. I tried to find out where I read it but it has proven to be impossible!

Glad to see you again Lloyd!