Anyone hear the new Jolie Holland "Wine Dark Sea"

I bought this 2X12"45RPM (w/CD) on the Anti label and can't get it off my turntable.Mostly her own compositions and one cover of Joe Tex of all people.I already felt she was one of the most amazing singers,ever,but on this LP her composing has moved light years ahead.The music is varied rootsy,bluesy,jazzy,soulful and absolutely rockin'.The lyrics are thoughtful,provocative at times,and playful at others.Easily for me the best new LP I've heard in years.It's so good I'm making a 2000 mile roundtrip drive through the desert to see her live.And I totally expect to add another 1000 miles to that total by adding a second show the next night in Denver.If you like Tom Waits,Dr.John or Billie Holiday you may hear a little bit of that on this LP,but she is completely unique.Check out the link on Facebook under her name to see a 26 minute live show to get an idea.Sorry I'm gushing,but at my advanced age I'm shocked when I hear something completely new.