Dave Holland's LPs


i jsut listened dave holland's Emerald tears(ECM), I am very please with the performance and recording, please recommend some of his good Lps.

If you like to hear a great big band, try this one:
"What Goes Around" on ECM from last fall. Was all the rage among Jazz reviewers. It is a great, adventurous album. I have listened to it many, many times and I keep discovering new nuances.
Happy listening
Do you literally mean his analog LP's, or are you asking for recommendations regarding his recordings? If the latter, I'll be glad to give you a list of some of his best work.
Make SURE and get "Gateway"-1st,s/t with DeJohnette and Abercrombie.Incredible stuff.Saw these guys last year at Yoshi's in Oakland,they've still got it,fantastic show.Also "Prime Directive" by the Dave Holland Quintet is excellent.
Sdcampbell, I listen to Lp most, but if Holland work on CD will be fine with me.

Tim, if you like Dave Holland you should check out titles by Eberhard Weber, also on ECM.He is a beautiful, elegant player at home in different settings. Check out a solo effort"Pendulum" wonderful music that can truly take you away.I also saw the Gateway Trio in in the early 70s and was very impressed, Jack DeJonette has always been one of my favorite drummers, always tasty. Cheers, Peace
Tim, I forgot to mention ARC also on ECM, a Chic Corea, Dave Holland, Barry Altschul band and some interesting music here as well. Another bass player nugget I love is "Uptown Conversation" by Ron Carter on the Embryo label some very slow introspective type bass lines here and well worth a listen for anyone interested in wonderful acoustic bass.Have fun.
Don't forget about Conference of the Birds! I have also really enjoyed Holland's work with alto sax player Steve Coleman. Another really good one is Jumpin In. These oughta hold ya!