Anyone heard of Monitor Audio R100?

I found a pair of Monitor Audio R100 speakers in the attic and don't know anything about them. Does anyone have any idea whether these are any good? They look like old, inexpensive bookshelf speakers to me, but I'm not familiar with this brand.

That seems to be all about "Advanced Visual Systems" and has no threads that I can find.
They have a different way of doing things there. On "New posts" they wipe the posts 2/3/4 times a day. If somebody responds( if you also respond) it gets back on new today. Just type in under 'search' your speaker name,it should come up.They have 200,000 posts in the archives;waiting to be pulled up.They sometimes have 7/800 new threads a day. They have threads with 2/3 hundred responders.-- I'll go there and see if I can help get it for you.
i have recently aquired a pair of monitor audio r100 speakers,these were part of a system i took off the guy as part exchange for a new a/v sytem i built for him

i have no data at all on these speakers ,,,and would also like some feedback on these babies

although they look quite ugly,,,,,damn the bass response on them is very impressive for a speaker that looks quite old

if anyone has information on these,,what pice they sold for,,price they are worth now,,power response etc etc

i would be very interested to hear from you

thanks in advance for any help

Mark Forrest..(