Anyone heard of Seattle Sound Speakers?

I have tried to look around, but I am not the greatest "googler". I am planning on picking up a pair of Seattle sound full range Towers this afternoon. They look quality built and supposedly have very heavy drivers for the size (which I have always found to be a good thing :p). I would love to hear someone's story who has owned a pair of these pups in the past!
All I found was that they made about 8 different models including a subwoofer. They seemed to have been in business from about 1987 to 1993. The only other tidbit I saw was A Craig's list offer to sell a large two way with poor cosmetics and good drivers for $25 for the pair.
Yea I have been speaking with the guy who owns the pair. (the topic of this thread). I thought it might be a fun winter project to refinish the cabinets! It's pretty far from my house so I haven't been able to make it down to audition them. Just trying to find out if they are worth spending 20 bucks in gas to go listen. Thanks for the info!