Keith Jarrett Trio in Seattle

Finally, the trio plays Seattle--Nov. 1st, Benaroya Hall. I got my tickets this a.m. Leave your cameras at home!
"Leave your cameras at home!”

You said a mouthful brother! If folks want an encore, take that as gospel.
I saw the trio at last year's Montreal Jazz fest and Keith walked off just before the encore after someone took a photo of him. Still worth every penny.
Has his 'strangling a dying animal' (quote from some review I read years ago) singing-along-to-his-playing subsided any in recent years? I have quite a few of his lps/cds, I love almost anything he's done with Jack DeJohnette behind the drum kit, but his 'singing' on a few of those releases is SO prevalent I can't even listen to them. More than once a companion has asked me "what the HELL are you listening to?!?" when, forgetting a given KJ lp/cd was one of "the ones", I absentmindedly put it on.

Funny to hear about the camera-shy part - never knew that about him.
Heard him solo at Benaroya a few years back. I'm not a huge fan but it was a peak experience for my wife and he is a phenomenal pianist.