Anyone heard or purchesed the new EAT tubes?

I saw an ad for thse ultra expensive current production tubes from Europe that Music Directs claims beat any and all NOS tubes (yes, we've all heard this before). I currently use Telefunken Cca's in my line stage and love them but they are impossible to find anymore. Since these EAT tubes are as much as the Telefunkens used to go for, I'd like to see if anyone has any experience with these EAT tubes at all or vis a vis Teles or Seimens (or your reference 6DJ8, 6922 derivative). Here is a link to the ad.

I ATE a few of the EAT tubes (because that's what the box said--EAT!). I preferred lightbulbs, but your experience may vary.
No first hand experience as a fairly new product -- that said, from what I've read -- marketing hype -- look elsewhere than EAT. Save those EAT dollars for the tried and true tubes from yesteryear.
Yeah, right! $450 for an UNMATCHED pair!!! Buy some NOS tubes from Andy at Vintage Tube Services [doubt he'll have Telefunken 6922's], and save yourself some money!

It is impossible for a modern production tube to match the quality control, chemical purity [anodes], precession grid windings & terminations, and the hard vacuum of NOS tubes.
I forgot to add

EAT - Exce$$ive Audio Tubes

Actually to be fair -- stands for EuroAudioTeam, made at the Tesla plant in the Czech Republic
Fatparrot - Why do you beleive that new tubes can not match purity, poercision and quality of NOS tubes. This seems to be completely counterintutive.
Seems like no one has tried these yet. I need to retube my BAT VKP10SE soon. Maybe I'll try a pair on the first input 6922 locations...if I do, I'll let you know. Thanks
Look at the thread "new production tubes for $225". I bought a pair and am extremely happy with my purchase, much better than any tubes I've ever used.
I also have the 12ax7's in my pre. They sound fantastic.
More people need to hear this tube.

They're delicious.

Ok, I haven't actually heard them.

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I had a pair of 300B's in my 3 Dimension Audio (single ended), and they are excellent tubes.