Anyone heard speakers by Stephen Sank. Pic of

Hi, has anyone heard these speakers made by Stephen Sank. They list for 1800. They use a Peerless 7 inch midbase and a LPG Tweeter. They use LAT speaker cables in the speakers. Here's a pic of it and a description of the speakers When your on the site, click on Loudspeakers.
I don't know of anyone that has his speakers, but i know a few guys with amps or preamps that he has rebuilt / modified. While the customer service is rather lacking in terms of communications and turn-around time, they've all been very happy with the products and the end results. Sean
I think pretty highly of him, does good work, and as far as tunr around time, guy is rebuilding things like Nak Tri Tracers(in my case) and old ribbon mikes, which you just can't really go in and fix one thing wtihout having to fix another and etc., etc., etc.. I think it was a 3 week turnaround in my case, not to bad. So I really think he does a pretty decent job and have to say are communications were good, not to say Sean's comments aren't valid, just that mine are different. Better than the experience than I have had with a Son of Ampzilla that I am supposed to finally get back next week after being gone since July of last year. I have to admit, though, in this case there was great comminication as well, as you good hear me yelling all the way to Erie PA from Nashville TN
No I have not heard his speakers. I am one of his very satisfied customers, with a Moscode 300 he redesigned that I long ago ran out of superlatives for. If his speakers deliver the same sound value, you cannot possibly go wrong. w/r/t the timeliness and communications, he kept me up to date every step of the way - including posting a step by step description of his mods to my amp on his website (no longer there, sadly!) so I could see as well as read what was happening. If he doesn't answer the phone, he does always call back - I never had a problem there, either. And to my great surprise, the amp I have keeps getting better. Steve is one of the really good ones out there.

If you are ever going to buy a pair of speakers unheard, this is one manufacturer I wouldn't hesitate to go with.

If you let me know what part of the world you are in, I may have someone within driving distance that has a pair of my speakers.

Stephen Sank
In my opinion, I would only recommend him to people I wanted tormented. He honors his 90 day guarantee if and when he wants to, he sent an amp back to me that was worse then when it was sent, and was tardy doing so. He will not repair it, so I'll have to shell out the parts money and do it myself, something I wanted to avoid as I have things I'd rather be doing. That is also his calling card. In my experiance, he will hold peoples gear hostage for months before finally deciding to grace it with his attention... Use him at your own risk.

As an alternative I would go with Stan Warren, of PS Audio, Superphon, & SuperMods fame. He is a REALLY great guy, more than reasonable prices, and FAST turn-a-round. There is also Dan Wright, never used him, but have heard great things about him.