Anyone heard the Gryphon Trident?

Hi, I am researching on these speakers, which are self-powered below 250hz. Can't seem to find a review.
Would appreciate feedbacks from folks who have heard or owned them.
Superb, but only on an all Gryphon rack. The trident truly is astounding.
I agree that the altantis is crap.
Well for one thing it has an enormous dynamic capability. It has a very controlled and focused soundtage that is very large, coupled with precise imaging. The tone is as good as what a state of the art dynamic loudspeaker can do. It is very neutral is an all Gryphon rack. It is not sweet nor is it harsh, just a very insightful sound into a performance. That is as good as I can describe it. I would buy it if I owned a Gryphon rack.
Thanks Sphere. I will audition it with a SET amp.
Hi Argyro, the Trident if I am not wrong is more expensive than the Lohengrin...US$100k vs US$70k.
In price comparisons keep in mind that Trident has a 1000 watts poweramplifier build in, thus requiring only low power amplification for mid and tweeter drivers.
Just a suggestion: if you are thinking about spending in the range you mentioned, I would consider the latest Rockport speakers as well.
What always amazes me about the Rockport line is their bottom end as well as their coherence. Otherwise I think there are better speakers out there. Of course everything is a matter of taste.
Have listened to the all Gryphon gear at Munich highend this year.
me and my audiobuddy were maybe impressed by SPL's and iron fist like grip, but the system lacked any musicality.
the moment strings and instruments emerged, we were gone.
but shows can be a great turnoff. even the best gear can either sound great or real bad at different shows.
roomacoustics is still such an overlooked item all the more if we talk about 200K + gear...

would like to try out a Gryphon poweramp anytime on my Lohengrin though. i do know the Gryphon classA poweramps can bring out superb level of performance if partnered rightly.
it's all in the match..
You didn't sound impressed. I don't know what gears were used with the Gryphon speakers at Munich show...i imagine they were Gryphon's own electronics. The Gryphon Trident's in-built amps should be Gryphon's own, though not likely class A operation. How is the Lohengrin?
the Gryphon boot at the Munich show was indeed all out Gryphon and so far as i can remember showed the 3 or 4 way speakers with the Antileon poweramp. but i'm not 100% sure.
don't interpret my words as an absolute, it was a mere impression as usual at show demoes.
the Lohengrin is a love affair, it's a relationship in which i discover new things everytime.
they touch move and inspire me totally.
they are endless.

i think you can be 'impressed' in many ways.. but if it doesn't reach to the heart it will likely be sold again, and so we see a huge market in highend audio.
Only speaker playing at the unich show was the Atlantis. Trident and the rest of the line was on static display at 1st. floor.
that may likely be a trap which you could fall into, thinking that as long the bass is powered with a 1KW class D amplifier, you can power the rest with an 18 watt SET anytime.
have experienced many speakers which were self powered on the bass and such systems needed superb power for the 'top' too in the end.
i never experienced bi-amping with big transistors on bass and tubes on top as beeing correct to wholeness in time domain.
the "adequately driven" is something you can interpret..
Alectiong - The amplifier inside the Trident is not a Class D amplifier but a dedicated Gryphon Class A/B amplifier. 1 meter of heatsink of the backside is hinting at this...
Besides that, Tuboo is right,. merely "driving" a speaker is not the questions. There is no substitute for listening with your own ears, but given the high sensitivity and uncomplex load of the Trident, very low power is required and from a technical point, a tube amplifier could do the job, but subjectively it could be a poor choice.
The bass amp is Class A/B in the Trident. I asSume you have a large room, hence the question regarding the Trident. It is best with an all Gryphon rack. However if you have other electronics, and want a semiactive speaker, then I think a cheaper option would be the Adam Audio Tensor series, exceptional value and nearly there. I deeply respect Rockport, but the question is about active bass section so I will stick to the subject.
Hi all,
Thanks for your thoughts.
I happen to have a 18 w SET (Lamm ML2.1). I am looking for full range high efficiency speakers (>94db) that can be well controlled by the lamm. Horns are out for me, so are wide baffle designs. Speakers that fit my criteria are the higher models of Wilson and Verity, and those with self powered bass like the Trident. For the latter groups of speakers, i was wondering if it is a good idea to use a SET amp on the mid/hi, and SS amp on the bass.
I think the optimum solution for the Trident is a Gryphon amp for highs as well! Otherwise you may have faster or slower lower frequencies than the rest of the spectrum.

Just my 2 cents.