Anyone heard the LKS /Musetec MH DA005?

I'm considering spending between 2k and 5k for a dac upgrade. I currently have the LKS MH DA004 and am very happy with it. I'm curious about the new Musetec MH DA005 and the Holo Audio May, which is getting a lot of praise and reviews. Not much commentary on the Musetec MH DA005 except for excellent posts by SNS both here and in a thread on Head-fi . on Head-Fi.

Other Dac suggestions welcome.
I have one on order. I also have an LKS MH DA004 and I think it’s a really great DAC, easily approaching and often surpassing a pretty good analog system. I have much duplicate digital and lp music.

The designer seems to have taken the basics of a double ESS chip based discrete analog stage DAC, substantially pushed up the power supply and redesigned the circuits using very high level components. For the power supply that includes silver plated transformer windings and an AC line isolation circuit. He has also loaded the circuits with some of the best components the high end has to offer including high end diodes and capacitors, silver wiring and very important upgrades to circuit clocks..

No PR but lots of pictures and technical details are at

Perhaps @SNS will chime in here with a long term evaluation.
I found on some recordings the DA004 virtually captured the same vinyl sound as I was hearing off the lp of the same music. Naturally I am convinced the 005 would be an even greater improvement. Still I am very curious about the Holo May, but more bucks and a longer wait.
Yes. Thak you. I discovered that thread and made some comments. I ordered the 005 yesterday over the May as a cheaper option possibly without necessarily compromising on sound quality. I'll report back when I receive it after some break in. I liked my 004 enough to believe I wouldn't be disappointed even though I might never read a review that compares it to the May or know what if anything I have missed (other than 2K) over the May.