For All You Musetec MH-DA005 DAC Fans

What about this one at roughly the same price?


It is similarly priced, although R2R vs Delta Sigma for 005, so may be different audience selling to. Could also be competitor to Holo May. It will take time and more reviews to determine if real competitor.


Seems we are just starting to see more upscale, mature audio components coming out of China/Asia. I expect this will continue, perhaps even more expensive, higher reaching equipment in near future. Line Magnetic products opened up this market here, I expect Chinese/Asian products will gain more respect over time.

Tharbamar is one the most straight shooting, true to heart reviewers out there. He also has my ear for music reproduction. I wouldn't hesitate purchasing this DAC on his recommendation.

It would be cool though to see him review the Musetec MH-DA005 as to compare.