Anyone heard the new Maker amps?

I have an Edge NL 10.2, and was wondering how it compares with Tom Maker's new amps from Maker Audio.
We shared a room in Las Vegas at the CES with Tom Maker driving our Liberty Speakers and again at THE Show Newport this June. Tom makes a fantastic sounding amplifier.

Good Listening

I have very happily owned multiple Edge amps over the years and have had my current NL 12.1 since mid-2007; please keep me posted on anything else you have heard, particularly about the new Maker NL14 and NL14+ amps as I am contemplating a move up....thanks!
Has anyone else had a chance to audition/own the NL14 Stereo amp or NL 14+ Monos? How do you like them/how do they sound? Any feedback will be very much appreciated! If anyone prior Edge owners of NL10.1 and NL 12.1 amps are out that have either heard the new 14s and can share comparisons, I would appreciate it very much!,
Just put a new NL14 Stereo amp in place of my tried and true Edge NL12.1 stereo amp. Maker has definitely raised the bar with the organic and musical attributes that the NL14 brings 'cold' right out of the box. I cannot wait to hear what this amp is capable of with 500-1000 hours on it. Soundstage density, depth and refinement have taken a big leap forward over and above the already impressive NL12.1. Packing the NL12.1 was like saying goodbye to an old and trusted friend however, based upon what i heard within 15 minutes of powering up the NL14, I will miss the NL12.1 but will not be looking back....NL14, first in North America from what I'm told. More people should hear this amp!!!
Just added some material played today as the new NL14 has crossed 200 hours on the other Maker Audio thread. Rather than repeat it again here, check it out on that thread. Some great break-in recordings/demo recordings listed.....
The NL14 crosses 350 hours today.....extremely happy with the texture, liquidity, depth and musicality of the entire frequency spectrum. I've had a couple guys over that know my system well and what this amp is capable of taken all by surprise in terms of what a jump it is over an already great amp that preceded it. The soundstage is much more dense in all dimensions and the room is filled with very realistic music you can almost touch.....extremely impressed and happy with this move!