Totem Arro vs. Rainmaker

I would like to gather some opinions on these two speakers. When I listened to them, I liked the Arro better. It seemed a lot cleaner/clearer but was lacking bottom end. The bass on the Rainmaker on the other hand seemed boosted and not very flat. The highs and mids on the Rainmaker also seemed ever so slightly fuzzier.

I'm asking for more opinions because the Rainmaker is available on the used market for much less and because it's a bookshelf. Speaking of bookshelf, how does it perform as a bookshelf speaker and not on stands. I have an open bookshelf (no back, no sides, just frame) and would prefer to be able to use bookshelf speakers on a shelf.

The other thing is, will the Rainmaker or any other monitor tolerate being placed on its side. The current Missions I am using are laid sideways on my shelf because they are a little too tall to fit standing. The manual says this placement is okay and I was wondering if this is specific to these speakers.

Outside of that, I listen to pretty much everything. Mostly its vocal jazz, classical, acoustic guitar. However, I do listen to rock and I realize the Arro's might not do so well with that. My rig is currently a Sony 9000ES and a Jolida 502B.
You will be doing no justice to the Rainmaker if you lay it on its side of a bookshelf. Stick with your missions.

As for my preference between the two, I prefer the Arro.
i have had a pair of arros since 1998. i have not listened to the others, but i can tell you that my arros connected to a good 200 per ch amp and denon cd player with variable volume. straight in without a preamp, is one of the most pleasing sounds i have ever heard, even having an elaborate linn home theater sound system at home. the imaging and crispness is just unlike i hear with anything else. i would never get rid of them. even if i spent more, got a good but different sounde, i would always want to listen to this little system.
For the way you want to use the speakers, you might as well buy a cheap pair of Bose.

Yea, I'm sorry I can't throw down for a pair of Watt Puppies or 800D's in the basement of my mansion. I was merely saying it would be more convenient to keep them on my shelf. The guide for the Missions I'm using right now says that if toed in correctly, you can get away with it. I just wanted to know if you could do it with any other bookshelves. A simple no would've sufficed. I swear, every time I get on audiogon and ask a question people assume everyone has the same amount of privilege. The way some people phrase things, I'd be better off selling my rig and hanging out at Head Fi.

You are correct. You asked a simple question and........
I've noticed that the threads on this site, have generally increased in their vitriol. I don't understand the reason, other than it's possibly reflective of the society in which we live. Sad but true.

Sorry I can't answer your thread question. But, keep your system - The only person it really needs to make happy, is you.

best of luck

I was not trying to be rude, have you maybe considered a shorter speaker that would fit on your bookshelf?