Anyone HEARD the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE upgrades?

I've read nothing but praise for the base SE and nothing but the manufacturer's description about the upgrades. Several recent sales of the base model show an average of around $1300 for a good condition used one, which I may eventually buy, but I am nagged by the thought that a level 1 upgrade might make it a better fit in system even though it would probably only be available new for $2850. Has anyone out there actually heard one of the upgraded ones, and can comment on whether it would be worthwhile at more than double the cost of a gently used base model. My system is already quite revealing and the phono stage duties are handled quite nicely by a Thor TA-3000 and fed by a VPI SSM Ref. The amps are a pair of D-Sonic 600 W class D gems with acceptably close impedance to the preamp's output.
Last October I had W4S perform Stage 2 upgrades on my STP-SE.

I was satisfied with the stock unit but the upgrades took it to an even more pleasing level... A more coherent and better focused sound now comes from a totally black background.

If the other components in your audio chain match the level of the STP-SE then the upgrade is clearly worth it.

I use a D-Sonic M3 amplifier that drives Salk HT2-TL speakers and couldn't be happier.
Thanks for the info. I found a used STP-SE offered for $1200 and snatched it up. I should get it early next week. I may have jumped a bit too early though, as someone put up a CAT SL1 Signature Mk2 at 2700 asking and I wonder if that might have been a better choice. After a boatload of system setup work, my D-Sonic amps are as much fun as the expensive tube amps they replaced. I am considering letting the STP-SE settle in for a few weeks then send it in for a Level 1 upgrade first before selling my old Classe DR6 preamp. I suppose I'll never know if the old Cat would have been better.
I have the STP-SE with level one mods. It is matched with Aluminati Ncore NC400 mono blocks. I previously had a Doge 8 tube pre w/ Wyred SX-500. I much prefer the new combo, however I ordered the STP-SE with the mod. I have never heard the base unit.