Anyone here experience with Triangle Titus spkrs?

Just wonder if anyone here's had any experience and thoughts on these Triangle speakers, for overall dynamics, refinement, detail, etc? Also, what amps/pre's work best with em. Overall rating of speakers? Home Theater and music dubties? What do you think?
I have the 202 version in a second system with a Jolida tube integrated amp. These speakers are great with tubes and have a wide soundstage with detail, especially considering that they were only $500 new. In my application, they are ideal because they are unobtrusive and not that sensitive to less than adequate placement, but I have them set up for family use. They run out of steam when the volume is elevated, but for normal listening they are fine. Therefore, I don't know how they would work with HT, but I assume a sub would handle the thumping.
I have Titus ES in my bedroom system. They are a charming, seductive
speaker with some faults and a lot to like. On the fault side, there is a subtle
colouration in the mids that makes strings--Tchaivosky Sextet, Boccherini
Trios--sound absolutely gorgeous. I can live with this, I haven't heard it do
anything awful to a recording yet. On the plus side, they are terrifically
dynamic and lively with an impressive and detailed soundstage. In this
respect they remind me of the Royd Minstrel--very light on their feet and

Earlier versions had tweeter problems apparently but I have noticed nothing
unwelcome. The bass is best with careful placement--nothing unusual here.
They are easy to wall-mount, which helps bass but does not help soundstage.
I have them pretty far out from the walls, where the bass is still well extended
(for a speaker this size) and the soundstage can open up.

They have lots of detail, as the big soundstage they put up would suggest,
and you can hear lip and throat on well-recorded vocals. They are not the last
word in refinement and as main speakers I would rather use them in a small
room or nearfield (my bedroom is tiny). But they are still delightful speakers
and would be great for HT because of their dynamics. I am using a
moderately hefty SS amp because that's what I have, and planning to move to
tubes when I find the right unit.
Thanks for your input all...
I'm wondering/assuming the dynamic abilities of these speakers, once crossed over to 80hz or so via a pre/pro setup for HT!?
I use Titus ES in my two channel home theater system along with a vintage Tandberg 2080 (100W) receiver and a M&K subwoofer with the high pass filter set at ~ 60 Hz. I have other systems using Ohm Walsh and similar (to the Triangles) Dynaudio monitor speakers in my home. The Triangle's compare very favorably and sound very smooth, detailed and musical overall. They play loud in an average sized family room with no problem. Overall, I am very fond of the Triangles and can strongly recommend them.