Anyone here tweak any Legacy Focus speakers?

I have a pair of the 1999 Legacy focus speakers with the older midranges and the 3-12" drivers per cabinet. The new speakers (so I am told) have a new crossover and new mids and of course 2-12" woofers per cabinet.
During my listening I am happy with the level of bass but not the bottom extension. When I play CD tracks I am only getting good output down to 30hz. I would like to change out the woofers for something that would drop in but perhaps offer lower bass output say 25hz or less. With the large cabinets 55" tall I would think they are big enough to house most any woofers.

Have any of you changed out woofers or mid range drivers to get better sound out of the Original Focus to get them up to par with the newer 20-20 or HD models?
I have previously owned a pair of the pre 20/20 Focus and had no trouble getting bass extension well into the low 20's in my room. I thought their spec extension of 16 hz was optimistic but never found the bass extension lacking below 30 hz. I have not heard of other owners experiencing this either. I am wondering if the lack of bass occurs throughout the room or is just at the listening position. It seems as if speaker/listener position is causing part of the problem due to room modes. Have you tried moving the speakers and or your listening position? Six inches of movement can make all the difference with room modes. Also, tell us more about your room, set up, and amplification being used with the Focus.
For over 16 years I own a pair of legacy focus speaker.
The internal speaker wires and its terminations are the weakest link in these beautiful sounding speakers.

If you like the main characteristics or the signature of the sound of these speakers, and if you are aware that no matter what you do you are not going to change that, then I have a great advice for you.

The best way to improve the sound of the drivers is by replacing all the internal wires. You also have to get rid off its chip, poor quality terminations in the crossover area.

For the ribbon tweeter use "Unicrystal occ airlock" 18 awg wire
For the dome tweeter double up the run of the "Unycrystal"
For the Kevlar drivers use "Oyaide across 2000" (This is a vibration treated wire)
Keep in mind that all this wires are single cystal copper.
I have not done anything to the woofers yet.

As much as I like these speakers I knew that the upper frequency wasn't to open. Also I din't like the boxy sound of the middle range (Place your hands around your mouth like forming a tube and start talking and what are you are going to hear is what I call "boxy sound")

Now the upper frequency is wide open.
The middle range has more body and flesh, gone is the boxy sound.
The harmonics and the presence of the upper bass is honey for the ears.
The background is dead quiet and the sound across the board is more musical.

If the equipment let you hear the subtle details on how the artists inflect their voices (or any other instruments)as a way of trying to convey their feelings, then you will experience the raw emotions of this very intimate comunication.
I have changed out my Focus domes to a scan speak dome D2905/9900 The mids to Eton 7-300 and the sub woofers to CSS Trio 12's
I left the 12" woofer in place which is the transition driver and the ribbon tweeter due to the smoothness of those drivers. The woofers I put in are much quicker and have more punch. I also lined the lower chamber side walls with backhole which takes away from any cabinet problems. The crossover and internal speaker wires will be upgraded next but these speaker drivers all fit in no change in the openings of the cabinets. This is not truely the same speaker due to cost cost considerations Legacy made for price point. Do not let others discourage you it is a individual journey. Magic is in the listening.

Good Luck,
Mr_mambo, Where can I source those wires? Did you just remove the rear woofer to gain access?
Cassroy, Have you worked on the crossover and wiring yet? I don't think I'll change the drivers, but I'd like to upgrade the wiring and maybe caps, any suggestions?