Anyone here tweak any Legacy Focus speakers?

I have a pair of the 1999 Legacy focus speakers with the older midranges and the 3-12" drivers per cabinet. The new speakers (so I am told) have a new crossover and new mids and of course 2-12" woofers per cabinet.
During my listening I am happy with the level of bass but not the bottom extension. When I play CD tracks I am only getting good output down to 30hz. I would like to change out the woofers for something that would drop in but perhaps offer lower bass output say 25hz or less. With the large cabinets 55" tall I would think they are big enough to house most any woofers.

Have any of you changed out woofers or mid range drivers to get better sound out of the Original Focus to get them up to par with the newer 20-20 or HD models?
Mr_mambo, Where can I source those wires? Did you just remove the rear woofer to gain access?
Cassroy, Have you worked on the crossover and wiring yet? I don't think I'll change the drivers, but I'd like to upgrade the wiring and maybe caps, any suggestions?
I'd buy a sub. You will never get sub like bass from the 20/20's. But IMO the 20/20's have great bass
After all these years I still have these wonderful Legacy Focus speakers. I have listened to many other speakers but not replaced them yet. I did however add a Rythmik Audio FV15HP subwoofer to augment the lower range. I cross the sub at 80 Hz and I do not run the Legacys in bass plus mode where the legacy play along with the sub. The Rythmik does a great job in my huge listening room. Maybe someday Ill get a second one. 
My "tweak" of Legacy speakers was a new version of the Whisper years ago which has capacity to be run in three modes; fully passive, hybrid with passive mid/treble and active x-over for bass, and fully active x-over. Amplification can range from one stereo amp to six channels. 

Along the way the speaker was outfitted with all 10 AWG Clarity Cable and upgraded Clarity Caps (No relation between companies), which made for nice name, the clarity upgrade. 

More fun stuff underway. Stay tuned to my writing at