Anyone know anything about a Guild Stereodeon?

I have 'adopted' a Guild Stereodeon that I would love to learn about. Anyone have a clue on the rarity/value? Don't bother with a web search, as you'll likely pull up nothing more than my previous attempts at information gathering. I haven't seen any reference to it at all on the web.

I've tried antique dealers and radio collectors to no avail. No one seems to know anything about it. I've long since given up hope of finding much useful information, but if nothing else, I thought the posting might make for an interesting topic for conversation.

The beast is a console that looks like a piano forte with a fake keyboard, a center cabinet with fake expression pedals that houses a 10" subwoofer, two side firing satellite speakers behind hinged wooden doors, a turntable, and an AM/FM radio. All tube, or course.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I also have the stereodeon that you are describing. I don't have a clue as to the value but thought I saw one (description picture) that was being sold for $200.00 on e-bay. Just how much of a collectors item it is, I really don't know.

What you're describing is an authentic replica of the Noastalgic Square Grand Piano. My parents purchased it in the early 60's. Just when it was made, I don't know. Possibly sometime in the 50's. It was passed on to me along with the original operating instruction manual which includes a detailed diagram of transistor locations. I've basically kept it as a conversation piece. Not much information to offer you but it's interesting to read that someone else has one. I also would like to know if there is any collector's value to it.
i recently was left a stereodeon by guild as an estate gift. the stereodeon was a prized possession of my neighbor. i have a model #6420 which was originially purchased 11/15/1964. i have the receipt. the purchase price at the time was 599.99 and it was purchased in clifton, nj. i hope this above information may be helpful.
We also received a Model 6420 by Guild Radio and Television Corp. Inglwood, CA as an estate gift. It orginally was purchased in the mid-sixties Los Angeles CA. The wood is dark maple,and in very good condition.

Clifton, NJ to LA. CA that suggest national distribution.