anyone know anything about primaluna gear......

talked with someone at upscale audio said to look into their prologue premium preamp,
also if anyone knows anything about simaudio sound
and the vtl 2.5,
and cary tube preamps as well,
or what mates well with the McCormack gear let know, thank you in advance as always.
I would expect Upscale Audio to steer you toward PrimaLuna. The owner of Upscale Audio is one of the owners of PrimaLuna. That being said, PrimaLuna gear is excellent for the money. They are a very strong value and they should steer you toward it.  In a couple sentences I am going to do the same thing.  

First though, McCormack was a sister company to Conrad Johnson. They should be a good fit but you want to watch which CJ Preamp you get. There is one pre in particular that I can remember that could be a bit noisy.  Other than that one, it is great gear.  

I import Art Audio and our Conductor preamp is phenomenal. I am confident it would work very well with your McCormack gear. Depending on your needs, I have a slimmed down Simply version as well without a headphone amp or tape loop.  We offer a 30 day, no questions asked return policy. If you don’t like it, send it back. Your only risk is that you have to pay return shipping and insurance to Connecticut.  For that unit, it is probably less than $60.  

Hi, kennesawjet,

I use a Prologue Premium preamp with a class D power amp and really enjoy the pairing. I would caution you, though, about the preamp's relatively high output impedance. At 2800 ohms output there are going to be some power amps with relatively low input impedances that may not work well with the Prologue Premium.



I know ever piece of primaluna ive ever listened to sounded overly Gooey.  OP is asking about both cary and primaluna, both have totally different sounds.  I would go check out the Cary.
I went through lots of solid state options before buying my Primaluna Dialogue Premium.  Driving a pair of Spendor A6, not the most efficient loudspeakers but the combination is excellent.  I do occasionally consider trying something like VAC or CJ but am very, very happy with the Primaluna, almost three years now. 
check out HiFi Buys Atlanta. Alan has several Prima Luna pieces for audition.  Well worth your drive and time.  Happy Listening!