Anyone know anything about Soliloquy HiFi 5.0's?

Soliloquy High Fidelity Loudspeaker Model 5.0 - $300

saw this add and looked them up. seem like a good pair of speakers...but compaired to what?

anyone know anything about them?
they're long out of business, but beyond that they were a pretty decent speaker in their day.
Yes, those are great speakers at that price, great build quality and sound. Be aware, though, that the drivers are all proprietary and if one of them isn't good or fails there's no way to replace it with an identical driver.
are we talking Revel M20 or B&W 805's good? What could you compare them to? I just want to know because I didn't know they existed before this evening.
I haven't owned either the Revel or the 805's so can't compare them directly.

There are several reviews of the Soliloquy online, here's one from Positive Feedback. They cost about $1,000 originally, plus the matching stands.

I passed my pair on to a friend who still uses them with a Creek integrated and I have a pair of the smaller Soliloquy Sat5's that I think are one of the best small monitors I've ever heard.
They really sing with the right gears !
Good for female vocals.
That's good price for them as well.
I had a chance to compare the Soliloquys to the B&Ws and the 805s sounded anemic and sterile by comparison. Of course that's biased by my tastes and associated equipment interactions at the dealership so take it for what it's worth. I've never heard the Revels.

I second the warning that if any of the drivers in the 5.0s fails you're pretty much out of luck short of buying another pair of Soliloquy speakers, which is a serious consideration. As much as I like the speakers there are lots of good alternatives out there (i.e. Silverline, Usher, Hyperion, Ascend Acoustics, Epos, Joseph Audio, etc.). Then again, for 300 bucks it's not like you're risking all that much and they're beautiful speakers in every sense at that price. Best of luck.