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Speakers on speaker stands-isolation ideas?
Vibrapods have been the best for me...and I have tried many things under my monitors with varying results. 
Smooth Jazz ---- Well recorded redbook CDs compilations.
Bill Mize - Coastin'Terrific recording, guitar, cello, not a sax in sight... 
Help, my system sounds lifeless!
Yes, put the system on the long wall if you can, and play with toe-in. Often a big difference in bass quality and imaging. Then put some silver coated copper speaker cables in there. I recommend Mapleshade (awesome and quick and transparent, but c... 
Recommend small, low power but low noise monoblocks
Monarchy SM70  
Help wanted: Bass!
Three things to try:Pull out the power conditioner (straight from the wall or a simple power strip was best for me). See if the bottoms come forward.Try lamp cord or home depot extension cord (twisted wires under the insulation) to see if the soun... 
Bright & fast speaker cables with great imaging ?
I third the Mapleshades. Been using them for years. Quite amazing quickness, clarity and microdynamics. The bass is startling and very clean. Give them a chance to settle though, each time after you uncoil...Chris 
Most enjoyable speaker you heard under $800??
my B-stock Soliloquy 5.0i's 
Art Audio - anyone know what's up?
Was at K%K in Apex, NC several years ago checking out a passive preamp and noticed a bunch of parts in the corner. An Art Audio amplifier waiting to be built on contract to the factory I was told. For future repairs you might contact them, though ... 
How to protect my amp without changing the sound?
I believe it was an Elite 15i. Just under $300 on Amazon. 
How to protect my amp without changing the sound?
My recent experience with a Furman Elite 15 conditioner just reminded me that I dislike conditioners immensely. As others had in the past it "greyed" the sound for less sparkle and tonal color. It also muted detail. Removed it and put back in my F... 
To Couple or Decouple?
I had wonderful results with Isol-Pads under my floorstanders 
has BAT priced itself out of the market?
You got it right Knghifi... 
Passive preamp w/Rogue Medusa and Rega DAC
If you need a remote, a Tortuga LDR passive is the way to go. I had one in my system for a couple weeks and I was very impressed. 
Best cheap speaker cables............again
Based on my experience I would suggest Mapleshade Golden Helix, or Morrow SP-2. Both have good tone and sparkle. The Mapleshade is more brightly lit and foward, and with better bass definition and drive. The Morrow is slightly laid back allowing o... 
vibrapods -- which component?
I have them under my bookshelf speakers. Wonderful result. Allows most all the energy (and microdynamics) to enter the listening space. I found them much superior to blue tac, and the many other interfaces (coupling and decoupling) that I tried. I...