Anyone Know Perreaux 2150B?

Hi I'd like to find out about the Perreaux 2150B if anyone has ever heard it. Jeeez it's hard to find info about Perreaux in the States.Any suggestions on a tube preamp that might sound good with it?
yeah..... i can find some info, im from new zealand... but perreaux stuff isnt that great in my opinion. Try plinius its way better... and i can get it at half price of what you pay in the states... they are ripping you off
sorry, try they have links and stuff, and john there will happily answer any questions but is biased towards perreaux, cos he lost the sole dealership of plinius
I have owned a 2150B for over a decade now and it is a fine amp for what it was designed to do. It is rated at 200/wpc of MOSFET output power and has good headroom and can drive virtually any speaker load. I originally bought mine to drive Acoustat 1+1's which can occasionally dip into the 2 ohm range. The amp performed effortlessly at all times and was/is very reliable. When the 2150 first came to the states it was reviewed by The Absolute Sound and was basically touted as one of the best SS amps they have ever heard - EXCEPT for a midrange glare problem that the reviewer attributed to the amp's circuit protection circuitry. This protection circuitry was subsequently removed from the "B" version of the amp (which is the model you are inquiring about). While I don't doubt that Plinius amps will outperform the 2150B as stated in another post, that is not comparing apples with apples. The 2150B is an older design and can probably be bought for somewhere in the $400 - 700 range depending on condition/box/manual etc. The Plinius amps are much more costly - even used. While the 2150B will not afford you the last word in resolution, it is an amp with no real weaknesses either. It is extremely powerful, built like a tank, and represents superb performance/dollar (even at it's roughly $1,400 retail back in the day). I hope this information helps you and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Best Regards, DaddyO sells Perreaux, contact them or check the web site, they usually give lots of information with the listings.
Email me for info. I'll be glad to help you in any way that i can. I used to own a 2150B and currently use two 3150B's to bi-amp the mains of my HT system. Sean >
I assumed that this was like the rest of Audiogon and could click on the sellers / posters name and get emai info. Either way, my email is Sorry about that. Sean >