Anyone listen to Pandora lately?

I use a Sonos Connect streamer because steaming does not represent a very large portion of my listening. I happened to stumble upon Pandora which I used to use but dropped. For some reason I was able to access it tonight and I must say, the audio quality is far superior to what I used to hear. Has anyone else experienced this?
I find the audio quality is occasionally good, but usually pretty bad, especially after a half hour or so...also use the Sonos
I have a modded Sonos running through an Exogal and I think it is decent with a paid subscription. Comparing Tidal on Sonos, Tidal is definitely better. And one step up again is Tidal streaming from a Mac mini...just more room and air around everything. But that said, the Sonos interface is so easy and nice to use for any service!
I have an old Roku with the free Pandora on it and it sounds better than I would have thought for background music. I tried Pandora though my MacBook and thought it sounded terrible. I can't explain why.
Also listen through Sonos and find the SQ on Pandora unremarkable.  However, there are reasons it may sound better than it used to.

If you've added zones, it's possible that your network has gotten "meshier" (strange word), which really does help SQ as the periodic brief signal drops get less frequent.  Sonos networks perform much better in my experience when the number of zones per area covered is increased.  You can also achieve this with zone bridges between distant zone players.  More players Absolutely IME getting helps SQ.
Used to be if you paid for Pandora and eliminated the commercials it also benefitted from higher resolution (seems true, and worth the 5 cents a day). I think it sounds fine on my rig, although I prefer CDs and vinyl of course…I use it in my car also, and for that it’s great.