Anyone own or auditioned speakers by Legacy?

Does anyone have some first hand experience with any of the Legacy models? The Focus or signature 3's in particular.
I would be using with good quality amp either something from Legacy,Pass labs or Classe. Also a decent quality source: Cal Alpha Sigma combo or MSB link Dac 3 or possibly one of the new format players. Used for listening to various types of music mostly in the Jazz/Rock/Pop and some classical. My listening space is very open aprx 20' by 30'.
I have auditioned the Studio's. They are a stand mounted monitor with an amazing furniture quality finish. The were driven with a Bryston pre/amp combo and a Theta digital front end. All cabling was Transparent. The Studio's were impressive. They disappeared and imaged very well. They only lacked in the lower end, typical of monitors this size. If you are looking at Legacy's in-house amps, remember that they are made by Coda. You might also look at the full Coda line. Good luck. Erik
I own the Signature IIIs and haven't really considered changing and that's almost 4 years ago. There was a recent review of the Sig IIIs in Bound for Sound which the reviewer was listening to music again that he hadn't listened to for years.

I have tried several of the Legacy Amplifiers from bi-amping with their mutlichannel amp, their stereo amp and finally their monoblocks. However, I ended up using Clayton Audio M70s to bring out the best in the Sig IIIs.

I almost forgot to mention, that I do use the Sig IIIs with their Sterdian processing but once I set it a few years back, haven't needed to really change it.

It did help that I was only 60 miles from their factory and could visit most any Saturday for an audition.

You might want to read the following on Audiogon, (I think it was titled Has anyone heard Legacy speakers);
It should be loaded with information.
I have heard Focus, Whisper, classic, and I own the powered impact s/woofer.. Great sound and value, all. Can't be approached for the price. Room matching for the larger models is important, as you can overdrive the room with all that woofer area and load it up with too much bass. The word is that in normal sized rooms, the Sig 3s are the most accurate. Good luck!
Take Lak's advice and read that thread. It covers a LOT of ground. Given the description of your "very open" and "big" room, i would think that the Focus would be more suitable of the two mentioned. I personally think that the Signature III's are better speakers in a "normal" sized room. I also agree that the Studio's are a good buy for the money compared to other similar models on the market. Sean