Anyone Tried Bybee's "Quantum Clarifier"'s Inside Your Speakers?

I am curious to know please if anyone has tried Bybee's "Quantum Clarifier"'s as a DIY upgrade to improve your speakers?  Of course, if yes, please what do you think?  They sell for about $100 each.   Thank you in advance :-)  

Basically I have read... "Simply remove screws holding transducer in place and carefully remove transducer to expose rear. Attach Clarifier with attached magnet to rear of transducer."

"This product can be beneficial for all range of speakers. Generally, the speakers will perform better in all areas, bass, treble extension, low level information, purity of tone, dynamics and noise reduction.   Most users are astounded by the improvements."

allears4u  Thank you for your comments, I will try them soon, is there a side to fix them on the tranducer ?

allears4u   These Bybee Clarifier are really impressive, it's like I change for a much more powerfull amp or High End CD player or Transport.  Truly highly recommended product.