Anyone Tried Bybee's "Quantum Clarifier"'s Inside Your Speakers?

I am curious to know please if anyone has tried Bybee's "Quantum Clarifier"'s as a DIY upgrade to improve your speakers?  Of course, if yes, please what do you think?  They sell for about $100 each.   Thank you in advance :-)  

Basically I have read... "Simply remove screws holding transducer in place and carefully remove transducer to expose rear. Attach Clarifier with attached magnet to rear of transducer."

"This product can be beneficial for all range of speakers. Generally, the speakers will perform better in all areas, bass, treble extension, low level information, purity of tone, dynamics and noise reduction.   Most users are astounded by the improvements."
Tremendous improvement , looks like you  got $100.000 speakers for 50 bucks

You might want to ask a certain Tekton-owning member.  If he can possibly fit any more tweaks in to his room ;-)
Jack Bybee just died recently. I doubt anyone is interested in keeping the Quantum Clarifier available. Unless GK? ;-)
Just "bumping" this thread to see if anyone has used Bybee's "Quantum Clarifier"'s as a DIY internal upgrade to improve their speakers?  Thank you in advance.

Me too! We need a skeptic to front Tweek Geek $200 bucks to try a pair and write an honest review of another snake oil product (if it is). Mr. Tweek refunds money if they do nothing. My Lascalas midrange magnet is exposed out the back of the cabinet so sticking them on their would be simple. I might try them next week to see if any thing happens other than the hassle of refunds. Blind test would be easy. Have helpful person pull them off and put back on randomly throughout the day as I make notes as to the effects if any, And yes, I am aware that mere change does not denote improvement per se (unless you really like the change). I'll let you know...

You do know that they have a watch type battery inside them that will eventually die?


I had talked myself in and out of these 2' squares at $200 off and on for the past year. Knowing the seller has an in house credit exchange deal that could be used on new AC outlets, I figured I couldn't lose. Being so convinced they were snake oil I actually was looking forward to finally being able to honestly affix a "Certified Snake Oil Label" on these obvious scams. And unsurprisingly attaching them to the magnets of the mid horn of my Klipsch Lascalas (exposed at rear of cabinet) caused absolutely no discernable change one way or another. Finally...expectations confirmed. Until the next morning...shock. The music was "clarified" in radical and unmistakable ways. Why the delay? I have no idea why or how these things effect the music but the improvement is equal or greater than any other upgrade in interconnects or components or phono cartridge. (And several of those were quite significant upgrades) My only regret is I listened to the nay sayers who discouraged my willingness to even try. Sometimes one must press through the "experts". 

What has changed? The Bybee Quantum Clarifiers attached to the Klipsch Mid horn magnets causes the following improvements....Each instrument stands clearer as its own thing without losing the cohesiveness of the overall presentation. Everything is just plainly cleaner and more real sounding, like tone of drums, organs, voices, all very surprisingly better. The bass seems additionally defined and enhanced realism with bass drums.  Channel separation is better, sound stage is wider, and the occasional tunnel effect I was hearing is smoothed out to a more legitimate 3-D back and forth, front and rear enveloping experience. Often heard LP's and CD's will shock as they reveal significant details once veiled in a murky blur. No, really, I'm kinda shocked at the improvements. Try them and let us know if you can label them snake oil?! I love em

My only regret is I listened to the nay sayers who discouraged my willingness to even try. 

That is a constant factor on the internet, the people with the least experience with a product are the loudest at condemning it. I think these audio karens are the opposite of science, which is about experimenting. 

I have a bybee power filter for twenty years. It works, it doesn't make my gear levitate or fly. It simply reduces EMF and makes my system sound better.

I created my own tweaks...

I never bought one...

They work...

Then i may imagine that a well gifted designer as Bybee could do better than me..

I never laugh at people who try by experimenting...

I laugh at ignorance and experimentings refusal from many people who are so credulous they think that audiophile experience come automatically after purchasing costly component...

I believe in acoustic, mechanical and electrical embeddings basic facts...

allears4u  Thank you for your comments, I will try them soon, is there a side to fix them on the tranducer ?

allears4u   These Bybee Clarifier are really impressive, it's like I change for a much more powerfull amp or High End CD player or Transport.  Truly highly recommended product.