Anyone tried Soundlab Dynastats out of phase?

I mean on each speaker, the dynamic woofer and the electrostatic midrange/tweeter panel, wired minus to plus and plus to minus. When wired in phase, with pink noise and a spectrum analyzer I get a big suckout at the crossover region. Wired out of phase, the suckout disappears and smooths over perfectly. Also the bass sounds way better timed and far less slow. In case you think I'm nuts, when Stereophile tested the electrostat hybrid Innersound Kaya a couple of months ago, they concluded the Kayas should be wired out of phase as well. Anyone else had this experience? It could just be my pair of course, which are a rarer all black laquered version. Maybe a wiring error.

For all you Dynastat owners trying weird voodoo tricks to make their bass more solid, besides this out of phase fix I've found the best is solution is a powerful solid state amp with lots of bass control, like Krell or Musical Fidelity. Fixes the problem with finality! So far I haven't found a tube amp with enough power and control to drive tham to anything but low background levels without distortion. Anyone have any luck with tubes?

I love the Dynas by the way. Not directional at all like Maggies, and a much richer sound than than any Martin Logan I've auditioned. Super low distortion, very full range.
I don't have Dynastats at the moment, but thanks for passing this along for other owners! It's an easy enough tweak to try out. I never would have thought of it, though, so appreciate your taking the time to post.

I know this thread is a few years old, but I thought I would add that I experimented with the same thing you did, but with Apogee Duetta IIs. I experimented with connecting the Bass and MRT ribbons in phase and out of phase. Like you - out of phase worked better in my room. It was a very small room for these speakers (12'X14').
I remember in the old days (early 90s) we could blister the paint off the walls with a set of Dynastats and our M-60 amplifiers, which played a lot of authority in the bass at the same time.

Later versions of the speaker had the new toroidal transformers, which had a crossover that made the speaker hard to drive with tubes. But there is a fix for that, or you can use a set of ZEROs, and its no worries. The speaker is not particularly power hungry IME.