Anyone tried the new monarchy "DIP classic"

Reading monarchy's web site it sounds like a completely new design. Instead of a phase locked loop approach the data is reclocked using an accurate 44.1kHz crystal. It sounds very interesting, particularly since I own the original DIP and it made my digital a lot more listenable.
I guess I'll take that as a no. If I do get one then I'll post a review. I'm currently undecided.

Bringing a nearly 20 year old dead thread to life…. Personally, I have not tried the DIP Classic. However a Monarchy DIP 24/96 is currently in a second system between a Magnavox CBD-460 and a Timbre TT-1 DAC. The Monarchy did seem to make an impact but is too early to tell. The plan is to give it a week as is. Afterwards, bypass the Monarchy, then play the same discs and monitor for changes. Right now the Monarchy is being run RCA in, AES/EBU out.