anyone try powered Mackie Hd1531 for home use?

Tired of tough to drive speakers and limited SPL levels so gonna audition these and see how it sounds. Anyone with experience? Thanks
I'm still evaluating them, bass is plenty strong with no need for solid state pre mates better than my tube unit. The midrange and treble really sound good, I think the weakness is of course cabinet bracing but these are intended to be portable. More to come.
No regrets on the JBL PRX735's I like most everything about them, they don't image like normal audiophile speakers but that's not really what gets me. I get great bass, no fatigue, unlimited volume in a cheap package. Solid state works better than tubes to my ears, For $2000 I can sell of $6000 in used priced gear, pocket a few bucks and end up happy. Cheers