anyone try the Microtech blackburn E813CC?

the very idea of a superior, cooler running long lasting 12ax7 from the Blackburn plant is appealing, but these tubes are relatively expensive, there are rumors of qauality control issues and rumors that the business recently went into receivership. Also, the marketing material implies that they intentionally avoided minimizing microphonics, but the reviews seem to suggest that the tubes settle down after burn in. Anyone try them, and are they actually available?
They have closed down -- just checked & my order still shows pending from a month ago. I called & no one answered the phone & emails went unanswered. The web site is still up.

They were worth a try, IMO. Only folks who had shipments prior to their demise have any as they only sold from the factory.

I know of one who received a quad -- he liked them; however, cannot remember what his observations were. I believe he still has them installed in his amps.
Excellent tubes. Great soundstage.They are the best tubes I've used in my TAD-150 pre.Just wish I had ordered more.