Anyone try the mpingo LP stabilizer from seller Clubwood on ebay?

Recently tried a DIY African Blackwood LP weight and was intrigued by the change in sound.  Has anyone tried the mpingo lp stabilizer available from seller clubwood on ebay?


Is this being marketed as a cheap version of the Shunk Mook? That thing was always nutty money and every time I got close to even thinking about it, the price went up. My turntable manufacturer-kuzma- markets one that I haven't tried. The wood is very stiff and is often coated in wax- I'm told you have to let it "settle" for a while- I bought some- not audiophile- from a wood supply house years ago, but never had it fashioned into an LP stabilizer. You tried this E-bay one and liked it?

I've been using the Stillpoints for some years and still like it. To me, this is high level tweakdom--not something that one should spend money on as a magic bullet but once the system is fully settled in, something to experiment with. I'd be interested in your take. I trust you are not involved in the supply or marketing of this thing? 

Hi whart...I haven't tried it but was wondering if others had.  I recently purchased a DIY version fashioned from mpingo wood from another audiophile website and like it enough to consider buying a nicer version not as pricey as the shun mook

My favourite is still my Canucklehead Hockey Puck Clamp (patent pending). So simple, cheap and effective. Official NHL pucks sound better than generic, of course.